Bus Passenger Tips

Municipal Transit Administration (MTA) buses meet every half hour (on the hour and half hour) at the Central Transfer Point located at 6th Avenue S and 2nd Street in downtown Clinton. The Lincolnway Shuttle meets at 10 minutes after and 20 minutes before the hour. MTA bus routes serve all schools and commercial-industrial corridors within the City of Clinton.

Please arrive at the bus stop location about five minutes before the scheduled time. All buses have an atomic clock on board so the driver always has the correct time. The MTA office also uses an atomic clock for the correct time. Make sure that you wait where a driver can see you as the bus approaches.

When you see the bus coming, signal the driver to let him know you want the bus to stop. Stay back from the curb a few feet for your safety. Wait for anyone getting off the bus before you get on. Bus drivers do not carry money so you must have the exact fare. If you have a bus pass, have it ready and show the pass every time you get on a bus. The first few seats are courtesy seats for the elderly and the disabled, please respect that. Stay behind the white line on the bus floor, so the driver's vision is not blocked. Keep your feet on the floor not on the seats. If you have young children, please keep them with you and seated at all times. When you get off the bus, wait until the bus is gone before you cross the street. Please help ensure a safe and comfortable ride by being courteous and respectful to other passengers and obey the driver. Thank you for your cooperation.

Keep Your Feet off SeatsProhibited Activities

The following activities are not allowed on the bus:

  • Smoking or spitting
  • Radio playing so that others can hear it
  • Obscene or offensive language or behavior
  • Eating or drinking by passengers
  • Harassing behavior, rowdiness or fighting

Prohibited Items

The following items are not allowed on the bus:

  • Gasoline or any flammable liquids
  • Firearms, air guns or weapons
  • Open or exposed knives
  • Open alcoholic beverages
  • Toxic or illegal materials
  • Uncaged animals (except service animals)