Councilmember Bill Schemers

Councilmember Schemers

1st Ward Councilmember

Current Term: January 3, 2022 - December 31, 2025

On January 3rd, 2022, William (Bill) Schemers began as the First Ward Council Member with the city of Clinton.  Bill previously served as an At-Large Council Member for a four-year term.  

Bill is a graduate from Arizona State University, College of Public Programs, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree.  Bill spent 26 years in law enforcement where he gained the rank of lieutenant with the Phoenix Police Department as well a sworn US Marshall and Chief Investigator/ civilian police liaison for the Department of Air Force.

Bill is married to Kelly McEleney-Schemers (retired law enforcement) and native to Clinton, Iowa.  Bill has three young boys (ages 18 and twin 14-year-olds). 

Current Boards, Appointments

  • City of Clinton, Highway 30 Coalition of Eastern Iowa
  • City of Clinton, Government Affairs Committee Liaison
  • City of Clinton, Finance Committee
  • Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency City Representative
  • Eastern Iowa Light and Power Cooperative (REC) Representative
  • Sons of The American Legion
  • Radio Host, “City Watch” on KROS, FM 105.9 
  • Member, Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce

Past Boards, Appointments and Offices

  • Former Commissioner, Clinton Airport Commission
  • Former Commissioner, Clinton Planning Commission
  • Former Regional Planning Affiliation (RPA), Council Liaison 
  • City of Clinton, Capital Improvement Committee
  • City of Clinton, Civilian Fire Academy (2015 Alumni)
  • City of Clinton, Oversight Committee/City Assessor 
  • Clinton Convention and Visitors Bureau, Council Liaison
  • Clinton Progress Coalition, Member
  • Franciscan Peace Center/ Education Committee on Human Trafficking
  • Bridgeview Board Member