Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

The MISSION of the Clinton Fire Department Emergency Medical Services Division is "Promoting and protecting the health of Clintonians and visitors through Emergency Medical Services." This is accomplished by our 45 uniformed men and women maintaining a state of readiness in order to respond to and mitigate medical aids and other types of emergencies so that the citizens and visitors of Clinton, Iowa may be able to survive these unexpected tragedies. 

In addition, we provide the public with timely basic and advanced life support when necessary in order to facilitate the best available care to the injured and ill.


  • Certified Transporting Emergency Medical Service Agency in Iowa and Illinois Three (3) Frontline Advanced Life Support/Paramedic Ambulances
  • Certified First Response Fire Apparatus Non-Transporting Emergency Medical Service Agency in Iowa and Illinois Maintain 45 State of Iowa and Illinois Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certifications EMT-Basics: The EMT-Basic is the minimal staffing level for transporting ambulance services. The EMT-Basic provides basic, non-invasive interventions and provides a link from the scene to the hospital. (24 hours of Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) biannually) EMT-Intermediates: The EMT-Intermediate possesses the ability to initiate intravenous access. Along with this skill, the EMT-I receives additional training in patient assessment. (36 hours of CEHs biannually) EMT-Paramedics: EMT-Paramedics are trained in advanced emergency medical treatment. This includes the use of advanced airways and the delivery of medications. (48 hours of CEHs biannually) EMT-Paramedic Specialists: The Paramedic Specialist is the highest trained emergency medical care provider. Paramedic Specialists receive extensive training in patient assessment, medications, and disease conditions. (60 hours of CEHs biannually)
  • State of Iowa Certification Endorsements 16 Emergency Rescue Technicians 8 Emergency Medical Service Instructors 3 Emergency Medical Service Evaluators 2 Critical Care Paramedics

The CFD strives to provide the best care our citizens and guest can receive. Along with 911 emergencies in out city, We also provide mutual aid to Camanche, Preston, Andover EMS in Iowa and Fulton, Albany, Thomson EMS in Illinois.

  1. EMS Calls
  2. EMS Calls Excluding Accidents
  3. EMS Calls Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • 2015: 3223 calls
  • 2014: 3176 calls
  • 2013: 2881 calls
  • 2012: 1746 calls
  • 2011: 2389 calls