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Jurgensen Soccer Complex

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In Fall of 2017, we started the long process of re-developing the Jurgensen Soccer Complex that previously featured a 3-Tiered playing field that limited our ability to grow.  The multiple levels made it difficult for many spectators to trek, and the health of the grass was in poor condition.

The renovation project, which included a $200K grant contribution from the CCDA (Clinton County Development Association) to flatten the entire complex spanned over 3 years and experienced many trials and tribulations. 

 In the Fall of 2020, we re-opened the Jurgensen Soccer Complex to game-play and we have been receiving compliments ever since.   The Jurgensen Soccer Complex has some of the greenest, most plush grass you will find in our area.  In fact, the Jurgensen Soccer Complex project was named the Iowa League of Cities – People’s Choice All-Star Community Award for 2021, beating out 15 other communities’ projects through a State-wide vote & named the Iowa Sports Turf Management – Field of the Year for 2021!

No dogs are allowed at Jurgensen Soccer Complex.