Property Tax Levy, Capital Improvement Program, Loan Note Issuances and City Budget

Strategic Plan - Dedication to Fiscal Responsibility

The City's 2022-2024 Strategic Plan lists the number one goal as maintaining a strong financial position for the City. The second goal is to have excellent communication with citizens, employees and other stakeholders. These goals guide the City Council each budget session to ensure that quality services are provided to residents and businesses in the most cost-effective manner. 

Compliance with all Laws Regarding Capital Improvement Planning, Levy Rates, Issuance of Loan Notes and City Budget

The City adheres to all laws pertaining to public notice of hearings regarding Capital Improvement Planning, Max Levy Rate, Issuance of Loan Notes and City Budget. In addition to publishing notice in The Clinton Herald, as required by law, the City posts public hearing notices under the "Latest News" portion of the City website, under the Property Tax Levy and Bonding (by year) page of the Finance Department, as well as on its Choose Clinton Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms. 

FYE 2024 - Property Tax Levy, Capital Improvement Planning, Issuance of Loan Notes and Budget Items