Building Numbering

Chapter 153


Every owner shall comply with the following numbering requirements.

  1. Building identification location. The owner of every building and residence shall obtain and have conspicuously placed a standard type number on the front entryway of the structure, plainly visible from the street or, in the case of rural areas, the number should be attached to the rural mailbox at the street location for identification purpose.
  2. Number standard. The type of number should be a standard four-inch high block letter with a color in contrast to the building wall. On rural type street mailboxes, a three-inch number is permitted.
  3. Failure to comply. If an owner refuses to number a building as herein provided, or fails to do so after being notified in writing by the city to do so, the city may proceed to place the assigned number on the principal building and assess the costs against the property for collection in the same manner as a property tax.