City Owner-Occupied Roof Rehab Program

Owner-Occupied Roof Rehab Program

The City of Clinton operates an owner-occupied Roof Rehab Program for low-income, single-family homeowners. 

Application Process

Applications are to be submitted to the Building and Neighborhood Services Department, together with the following items:

  • Signed Authorization for Release of Information Form (incorporated into the Application form)
  • A copy of your house insurance policy
  • A copy of all Social Security cards
  • A copy of your most recent federal income tax return
  • A copy of your most recent utility bills (heating, electric, water, sewer, other)

Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant for completion. Applications are awarded subject to funding availability and are processed on a first-come, first-served basis for fully completed and approved applications. 

Income Restrictions

In addition to the property being a single-family residence where the applicant resides, the household income must meet the HUD low-to-moderate income (LMI) limits.

FY 2023 HUD LMI Income Limits

1 Person in Family
2 Persons in Family
3 Persons in Family
4 Persons in Family
5 Persons in Family
6 Persons in Family Income
7 Persons in Family
8 Persons in Family
Low (80%) Income Limits$46,800$53,450$60,150$66,800$72,150$77,500$82,850$88,200

Eligible Work

Eligible work includes, removal and disposal of all roofing materials, including drip edge, gutter apron, pipe flashing and venting, installation of an ice and water barrier, installation of underlayment, installation of a new drip edge/gutter apron, flashing, installation of 30-year architectural asphalt shingles, and clean-up. 

Public Bidding

Projects are publicly bid and awarded to the lowest bidder. 

Cost to Homeowner

  • Projects less than $10,000: homeowner is required to pay 10% of the total project cost, plus the $60.00 permit fee.
    • Example: Roofing Project Cost is $7,000. Homeowner pays $760.00 (10% plus permit fee).
  • Projects more than $10,000: homeowner is required to pay 10% of the first $10,000, 100% of additional costs above $10,000, and the $60.00 permit fee. 
    • Example: Roofing Project Cost is $14,000. Homeowner pays $5,060.00 (10% of initial $10,000 plus 100% of additional costs over $10,000 plus $60.00 permit fee).
  • Homeowner required to pay 100% of any upgrades and/or extra expenses that are not covered under the scope of the roofing program.
  • Homeowner required to pay 100% of any unauthorized work that was completed without City approval.
  1. Building & Neighborhood Services Department

    Physical Address
    344 3rd Avenue South
    Clinton, IA 52732

    Phone: 563-244-3360, Ext. 2
    Fax: 563-242-0265

  2. Eli Voss

    BNS Code Official / Inspector

Roof Rehab Program Forms