Downtown Revitalization Fund

Downtown Revitalization Grant

The Downtown Revitalization Fund Program is funded through the federal Community Development Block Grant program and is administered by the IEDA. The goal of the program is to provide economic opportunities for people, especially those of low- and moderate income. The program assistance with the rehabilitation of blighted downtown buildings. 

Investment from Property Owner

Property owners interested in participating in the program must be willing to provide a match as well as have renderings and sufficient documentation available on what work/project will occur at their property. Architectual work must be done upfront, and costs incurred are paid by the owner upfront. 

Application Process

Applications are accepted annually. 

To apply for maximum funding, applications must include at least 8 buildings. Minimum number of buildings to submit an application is 6 buildings. 

The applicant must be the City of Clinton. Those interested should reach out to the City Administrator.


Applicants must complete and submit a pre-application form by August 1st of each year to the City Clerk's office. 

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    Matthew W. Brooke

    City Administrator and ADA and Title VI Coordinator