1000 Block South 4th Street Public Input Session

Community Relations Plan and ABCA Public Meeting was held on October 11, 2023.  At this time the city is opening up a 30-day comment period on this project.  Please click on the link to watch the meeting

Oct 11 2023 - Public Input/Informational Session - 1000 Block of S 4th Street Brownfields Cleanup - YouTube

After watching the meeting if you have questions or comment for this project please contact Tammy Johnson at 563-594-6730 or by email at tammyjohnson@cityofclintoniowa.us

Listed below are questions and answers that were asked during the meeting.

Questions and Answer period will close November 11, 2023


Question 1.  Regarding possible historical items or artifacts from the buildings be able to be salvaged?


Due to the buildings have asbestos and the EPA regulations all items are consider contaminated and have to go to the landfill as such and all regulations must be followed.  The Buildings were deemed Structurally unsound and cannot be entered.  EPA Stated that the City must take historical use into account, and the EPA ahs submitted information on the site to the State Historical Preservation Office.  

Question 2.  Will the building still standing come down first?


That has yet to be determined.  The City is working on the demolition specs for the site, the project will be in two phases.   One phase will be clean-up of the rubble from the northside that has been knocked down and covered.  Second phase is the remaining building to be knocked down and cleaned up.  It has not been determined at this time which which happen first.  

Time frame for the work to begin will depend on the weather as we are going into winter.  City has to complete the demo packet to go out for bid, that is a 30-day bid process, then bids will go to the council for approval and be awarded.  Once started the project is expected to take roughly 2 weeks.

Question 3.  How do we keep the neighbor safe during the demo?


Air testing has been going on since the collapse of the building and will continue until the site is cleaned up. During the demo the contractor will have to follow all EPA and Iowa DNR regulations for the RACM demo.  

Road closures and or detours are highly likely during the time of the project.

Question 4.  Asked if the soil will be contaminated?


There is a suspected under ground tank and if found to be true procedures will be followed to remove the tank and soil will be tested for contaminates.