Crime Free Housing Program

Crime Free Housing ProgramIn early 2019 the Clinton Police Department along with Building and Neighborhood Services began working to develop a Crime Fee Housing Program. The goal of the project was to keeping illegal activity from occurring in and around the rental properties within the city. After considerable research and training from other Crime Fee Housing Programs throughout the country, it was decided there would be three phases to accomplish our goal. Landlord or Property Managers would need to complete all phases to joint this voluntary program.

Phase I comprises of classroom training for Landlord, Property managers and maintenance personnel. This training consists of applicant screening, background checks, rental applications with crime free addendums and fair housing standards.

The Second phase is on site security assessment for Crime Preventions Through Environmental Design (C.P.T.E.D.). In this phase, officers assess lighting, landscaping, structure fortification and parking just to name a few.

The third and final phase is tenant training on recognizing criminal activity and how to report such activity.

Once all phases of training have been completed, the property is then recognized as a Crime Free Housing Property and given signs to recognition of this accomplishment. The Clinton Police Department will then continue to partner with Property Owners or Landlords as they focus on maintaining the program goal.

Training dates for 2023:
Check back for more available dates

To register download the Registration Form (DOCX) and email Dean Ottens or mail to:
Crime Free Housing Program
Attn: Sgt. Dean Ottens
P.O. Box 1903
113 6th Avenue S
Clinton, IA 52733