Parking Information

Parking Regulations

Welcome to the Parking section of the City of Clinton website. If you own or drive a vehicle in Clinton we want you to be aware of regulations governing the parking of vehicles in the city.

  • It is unlawful to leave any vehicle parked for a continuous period of 24 hours or more on any street or 48 hours or more in any municipal parking lot; in order for any vehicle to be exempt from the provisions set forth in this ordinance, the vehicle must move at least 25 feet under its own power.
  • Vehicles cannot obstruct or park across sidewalks, in front of public or private driveways, or in a front yard.
  • Vehicles must park with the front end of the vehicle in the same direction of traffic flow.

Emergency Snow Routes

Certain streets around Clinton have been designated as part of the city's emergency snow routes. Parking on snow routes is prohibited after a snow emergency has been declared and will remain in effect until the snow has stopped and the street has been plowed.

Check the City website or local media to find out when and if a snow emergency has been declared. If snow is expected overnight, please move your vehicle ahead of time.

Clinton Municipal Code

View the Clinton City Code, Chapter 79, Parking Regulations, or find it at city ordinances.