City Wards and Precincts

The Clinton City Council is made up of seven Councilmembers, with one Councilmember per Ward and three Councilmembers that serve At-Large (cover all Wards). Residents can determine what Ward and Precinct they reside in by contacting the Clinton County Auditor's office, using the Iowa Secretary of State website or reviewing the City Ward and Precinct map.

The City Ward and Precinct map was updated in November of 2021 as a result of the 2020 federal decennial census. The City of Clinton has four Wards and eight Precincts: 

  • Ward 1, Precinct 1
  • Ward 1, Precinct 2
  • Ward 2, Precinct 1
  • Ward 2, Precinct 2
  • Ward 3, Precinct 1
  • Ward 3, Precinct 2
  • Ward 4, Precinct 1
  • Ward 4, Precinct 2