Demolition Permits

Either the homeowner or a registered contractor can apply for the permit. If you are the property owner and you are demolishing your own house, no asbestos inspection/removal is required. If you are a contractor demolishing only 1 structure, no asbestos inspection/removal is not required. If you are a contractor demolishing more than 1 structure or the structure is commercial, industrial, institutional or public use, an asbestos inspection, removal and Iowa DNR notification are required.

The cost for a demolition permit is based on the type of structure being demolished. A garage is $25, a house is $50, and a commercial or industrial building is $100. All these fees are per building.

An inspection is required when the demolition has been completed. If no new building will be constructed on this site, the sewer line must be capped. Allow a reasonable amount of time before the inspection is needed. A final inspection will be made 30 days later (weather permitting). The site must be leveled and grass planted or sod laid.