Pavement Management Program

The City of Clinton is responsible for the maintenance of 144 miles of streets. Of these streets, 19 miles are aggregate roadways, most of which are west of Mill Creek Parkway and maintained by Clinton County.

This leaves approximately 125 miles of streets for the City to maintain as part of the Pavement Management Program. 35 miles of these streets are considered in poor condition and in need of immediate attention. 15 miles of the currently structurally deficient streets are scheduled to be rehabilitated over the next 20 years, as part of our federal funding (STP, grants) and as part of the Long Term Control Plan.

Beginning in 2022, the City will be able to start to focus on a yearly resurfacing and maintenance plan, with the goal of maintaining streets rather than repairing them. All other "poor" condition streets still remaining will be reconstructed as part of the sewer separation projects part of the Long Term Control Plan, CDBG funding, or federal funding programs such as STP funding of arterial streets.

2023 Pavement Management Construction Program (Fiscal Year End 2024)

Road NameFromToTreatment
SOUTH 2ND STREET10th Avenue South11th Avenue South10" Thick Large PCC (12" Rock) - Full Width

8TH AVENUE NORTHNorth 12th StreetEast Dead End7" Concrete Patching
LINCOLN BOULEVARD11th Avenue SouthSouth 10th StreetConcrete Patching - scattered - ADA Ramps
BREEZY POINT DRIVEHickory Hill CourtWoodland Drive7" PCC on 6" Rock - (Possible Stabilization)
5TH AVENUE SOUTHSouth 17th StreetSouth 18th Street3" HMA Overlay on Existing PCC - Concrete Patches

COLLEGE AVE & SOUTH 18TH STREET8th Avenue SouthSouth Bluff Boulevard3" HMA Overlay on Existing PCC (Patching) & ADA
2ND AVENUE SOUTHSouth 2nd StreetMedians west of railroadFull Depth Concrete Reconstruction - 36' Wide
NORTH 12TH STREET3rd Avenue North4th Avenue NorthFull Depth Concrete Reconstruction
NORTH 4TH STREET3rd Avenue North4th Avenue NorthFull Depth PCC Reconstruction with Sidewalks
5TH AVENUE NORTHNorth 2nd StreetBluff BoulevardPCC Patching & New Curbs
25TH AVENUE NORTHNorth 11th StreetDead End West4" Asphalt Overlay - Curbs on south side
28TH AVENUE NORTHNorth 2nd StreetPershing BoulevardFull Depth Reconstruction - 4" HMA on 12" Rock
NORTH 4TH STREET17th Avenue NorthDead End NorthFull Depth Reconstruction - 4" HMA on 12" Rock - ADA
NORTH 5TH STREET15th Avenue NorthMain Avenue3" HMA Overlay on Existing PCC - STM Sewer
15TH AVENUE NORTHNorth 4th StreetNorth 5th StreetFull Depth Concrete Reconstruction - ADA Ramps
MAIN AVENUENorth 3rd StreetGrant StreetMill & 3" Overlay - ADA Ramp & Curbs