Housing Authority

The City of Clinton, Iowa Housing Authority has developed its Capital Fund 2024-2028 Five Year Action Plan and FY2024 Annual Plan update. To review these plans, please call Cheryl Wilson at the Housing Authority office during regular business hours or email cha@clintoniowahousing.org.

A Public Hearing regarding these plans will be held on December 29, 2023, at 7:45 am. at the Housing Authority. Any interested persons may appear in person or submit their comments in writing to the Housing Authority Office.


A public body, corporate and politic, was created known as the Municipal Housing Agency.

Powers and Duties

The powers of the Municipal Housing Agency shall be exercised by the Board of Commissioners. The Municipal Housing Agency is authorized to transact business and exercise all municipal housing powers in accordance with the Iowa Code Chapter 403A.

The Clinton Housing Authority covers the cities of Clinton and Camanche (does not cover any assistance in the county). 

The Clinton Housing Authority administers several programs, including, but not limited to: Section 8 Tenant Based Rental Assistance, Public Housing (for families with dependent children), senior income based housing at Park Towers and Lyons Manor, and Stay N Play (public daycare and preschool center open to the public). 

Applications for assistance can be picked up at the Housing Authority office during regular business hours. 


The Commission may employ a director, technical experts and other agents and employees as may be necessary and the Commission shall prescribe their qualifications, duties and compensation.

Membership and Term Length

A Board of Commissioners consisting of five members shall be appointed by the Mayor, subject to Council approval, for overlapping two-year terms. Commissioners shall be eligible for reappointment for two additional terms. The Mayor shall designate a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson from among the Commissioners. 

The Commission shall adopt its own rules of procedure and shall keep a record of its proceedings. Members of the Commission shall serve without compensation, but shall be entitled to the necessary expenses, including travel expenses, incurred in the discharge of his or her duties. 

Current Members

MemberTerm End Date
Richard Roberts7/31/2025
James Nichols8/9/2024
Mary Swanson7/31/2025
Katrina Larson9/13/2024
Raymond Smith8/1/2024
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