Trails Advisory Committee


The purpose of the Trails Advisory Committee is that will advise the City Council on matters concerning recreation trails, bike lanes, proposed sidewalks, and other similar enhancements within the City of Clinton.


Membership of the Committee is comprised of seven (7) persons, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council, who shall serve without compensation, for staggered terms of two (2) years.

Membership shall ideally, but not necessarily include at least one member from the City Planning & Zoning Commission, one member of the City Council, and five Clinton residents, with appropriate representation by members of local biking/running clubs among those five appointed residents.

The Committee will meet monthly. The Committee will designate a chair and a recording secretary. The Committee Secretary will prepare an agenda or work plan for each meeting. A record of the proceedings will be kept in the same manner as official minutes of the City Council.

Current Members

MemberTerm End Date
Mary Bertrand
Beth Carlson
Randy Meier
Clifford Wilkerson
Councilmember Cody Seeley
James Tuisl
Allen Eberle

Powers and Duties

  • General: The Committee shall have the following general powers and duties:
    • Define the Trails Master Plan and assist with the creation of documents necessary to carry out and/or administer this function;
    • Assist with the creation of sidewalk infill policies and prioritization of infill locations;
    • Provide general advice to the City Council on matters concerning recreation trails, bike lanes, and other similar enhancements.
  • Budget: The Committee shall utilize funds allocated by the City Council, as well as any and all available donations and grants to carry out the objectives/functions within the general scope above. 

Staff Support

City staff support for the Committee shall be as follows:

  • City Administrator or designee
  • Designee from the Parks & Recreation Department
  • Assistant City Engineer or other designee from the City Engineering Department

The Committee shall coordinate with representative(s) from ECIA as is necessary or beneficial to advance the Committee’s objectives.