Honorary Street Naming

In June of 2019, the City Council adopted a Honorary Street Naming Policy for the City of Clinton. 

Honorary Street Names

Honorary Street names are signs posted above standard public City street names which are intended to recognize and honor individuals or groups for a period of time without changing the official name of the street or the official addresses of residences and businesses on the street.


Honorary street signs will be of similar size and shape as standard street name signs. The honorary signs will be silver legend on a brown background. Honorary street designation areas are limited to a street one-block in length within the City’s Liberty Square Area per the attached map (includes the following streets between Camanche Avenue and Liberty Avenue: South 5th Street, South 6th Street, South 7th Street, 15th Avenue South, 17th Place, 21st Place, 22nd Place, and 23rd Place). There shall only be one current designation per City block location. The honorary street designation will be for 10 years and will not be eligible for renewal. Each designation will receive an honorary street sign off Liberty Avenue and off Camanche Avenue. 

Application Process

Honorary Street Sign Applications will be accepted by the City Clerk’s office from January 1st through June 1st of each calendar year. Applications must include the cultural impact on the City, historical impact on the City, and humanitarian impact on the City. Applications must also include the block desired within the City’s designated area. A $400.00 fee is required to be submitted no later than June 1st of the application year, in order for the application to be considered.

Review Process

The application will be reviewed by the Engineering Department and the Street Department to ensure that there are no traffic/safety or other concerns with the location desired for such honorary street signage. All completed applications received by June 1st will be placed on the next Neighborhood Improvement Committee agenda for consideration. The members of the Neighborhood Improvement Committee will individually rank each application based upon cultural impact on the City, historical impact on the City, and humanitarian impact on the City, with each category receiving 25 points. The City liaison present at the Neighborhood Improvement Committee meeting will tally the points for each application and will report to the Committee which application received the highest number of points. The highest two ranked applications will be forwarded to the next City Council agenda for approval.


The Neighborhood Improvement Committee must find all of the following criteria have been satisfied when granting an Honorary Street Sign Application request:

1. Cultural impact on the City;

2. Historical impact on the City;

3. Humanitarian impact on the City.

Individual family tribute or commercial and corporate related recognition does not qualify.

Sign Installation, Cost and Maintenance

If an Honorary Street Name application is approved by the Council, the applicant’s payment of $400.00 will be used toward the cost of the signs and the installation of the signs. If damage occurs to the signs during the Honoree’s designation timeframe, the City may cover the costs associated with reinstallation of the signs. If an application for an Honorary Street Name is not approved, the applicant’s prepayment of $400.00 will be refunded to the applicant.

Existing Honorary Street Names

Street NameLocationDate ApprovedExpiration Date
William and Phillipa Koons22nd Place07/14/202007/14/2030
Everett A. StreitSouth 5th Street07/13/202107/13/2031
Allesee Way12th Avenue South / South 6th Street08/24/202108/24/2031
William C. BakerSouth 7th Street07/12/202207/12/2032
Officer Todd Stone17th Place08/08/2023Permanent

Honorary Street Naming Documents